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Remodeling and Home Design


First hand-crafted in medieval times, our encaustic floor tiles are carefully reclaimed and restored from cathedrals, important buildings and palaces. Inspired by the Italian Renaissance’s love of beauty and lavishness, each floor was meant to be a work of art…a durable mural. Experiencing a resurgence in the belle époque and art nouveau periods of the 19th century, these tiles again became a canvas, evidencing the true decadence of the age and the exuberance of being. From celebration of intricate patterns lavish in expression, to subtlety confident in its simplicity.

Still gracing cathedrals and other architecture throughout the European continent and the world, our tiles are a rare marriage of hand-crafted artistry and technology, all to often absent today. A golden era celebrated in stone. L’Antiquario is the world’s largest and most trusted source for antique cement and ceramic encaustic tile and maintains a ready to ship stock with over 2500 authentic pattern and border designs, many in large quantity. Our tiles can be re-laid as entire floors, inset as marquees, borders, backsplashes and because most are frost-proof, they can even surface pools and outdoor fountains. The designs are endless.

We also offer a large and diverse selection of authentic antique reclaimed ceramic wall tiles, decorative tiles, terracotta, stone, marble, and other authentic architectural elements. We are always reclaiming, please contact us with your specific requirements.

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